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Learn - Lighting and Pest Control at Orlando - Practical Aquaponics

Jesse and Molly

We are excited to announce that we have added Jesse Hull and Molly Stanek to the teaching staff at the upcoming Practical Aquaponics training in Orlando. They are experts in Insect pest management which is essential for greenhouses, also they will be teaching Lighting and Water quality.

Remember this will be a small group of students - less than 50 with 6 instructors and a staff or 12. A great teacher to student ratio. If you haven't registered yet please do so soon as we are filling up fast now. The hotel suites sleep six and are only $99 a night. We are providing a full breakfast and lunch all day plus all transportation to the Farms.

Don't miss this training if you can make it as it will be a great teaching staff with Murray Hallam teaching his FlowMedia and CHOP methods. I have included the curriculum

Practical Aquaponics in conjunction with Planet Stewards will conduct worlds best Aquaponics training and workshop right at Disney World Orlando September 16 thru 19 inclusive.
If you want to learn about Aquaponics this is an event not to be missed.
Practical Aquaponics Training – The Full Monty

Murray Hallam. Practical Aquaponics.

Learn and train hands on with Murray Hallam – Aleece B. Landis (TCLynx) – Sahib and Cosmo.
Spend 4 full packed days at the beautiful Hilton Doubletree Disney Resort. (Why not stay a few days extra and enjoy Disney World – special rates for attendees – more about that later.)
The most in-depth training and class on the many different systems used in Aquaponics today right through from Home systems to Commercial scale operating information .
This 4 day event will include the following.
Starting with 7 hours of packed classroom education and training to prepare your for the following two full days in the field learning and doing.
Learn Backyard – Small Farm – Urban and Commercial methods.

Day Two in the field with a full day of hands on workshops and training at TCLyx’s farm with Murray Hallam and TCLynx. Training and building of the new unique Rail Beds and Media hybrid systems. Learn about the Vertical Zipgrow towers for commercial production. Over 15 different components used in 5 different Hydroponic systems. Learn how to sell your produce in the most effective way.

Day Three in the field with a full day of workshops and training Sahib’s Urban Aquaponics with Sahib and Cosmo. At Sahibs amazing Urban farm we will be training on Deep and Shallow Water Culture, Vertigro and Sandwich vertical systems. Sahibs unique Zero Lot Aquaponics. Greenhouse and Wicking beds. Explore and learn about over 6 different Aquaponic systems.

Day Four at the Doubletree will be intense with more Classroom training on more systems designs, Marketing and several hours of breakouts with the instructors on the components and technologies you just learned about. Each day will end with in-depth Q&A sessions.
Main Street Disney World Orland right across the road from the Doubletree Hotel

Of course with all the intense learning you will need to spend some time unwinding and enjoying the entertainment of Disney just across the street from the hotel with special rates for our conference attendees. The DoubleTree suites are all 2 room suites that can sleep 6 and at an amazing Practical Aquaponics conference rate. Practical Aquaponics will provide your breaks and full lunch all four days. This is not your one way only Aquaponics Training. This is the Full Monty, the Real Deal in Aquaponic Training.

September 16 to September 19 inclusive 2012 Orlando Florida USA.?Venue: Hilton Resort at DisneyWorld Orlando.

Day 1. 4 sessions 1.5 hours each.
7:30 – 8 Intro by Mike Cosmo – Course agenda
8-10 Murray Hallam – Practical Aquaponics – Aquaponics is Easy
10:00- 10:15 Break provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
10:15-11:45 TCLynx Aquaponics – Systems and components overview
11:45-1 Lunch with meet and greet provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
1 – 2 Sahibs Urban Aquaponics – Systems and components overview
2:00 – 2:30 Break with Student intros provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
2:30 – 4 Murray Hallam- Commercial Raft and Integrated Flow Media Aquaponics
4:15 – 5:30 Optional – Q & A by all presenters – components showcase
Day 2 and Day 3
8:15 Busses leave for Aquaponics Farm # 1
Murray Hallam and Aleece Landis – Morning and Afternoon sessions include hands-on
Plumbing – Stock tank grow beds – Deep gravel beds – Siphon flood and drain – Timed flood and drain – Constant flow/Constant Flood beds – Rail Beds – Zipgrow towers – Aquaponics Indexing Valves – Automated Diversion Valves – Uniseals – Capillary Matting – Dura Skrim Liners – BSF (Black Soldier Fly Larva) – Duckponics – Catfish – Bluegill – Seedling systems – Rain water collection – Flow Media Beds - Water Quality – Integrating Aquaponics with Farming - Commercial Aquaponic Farming – Plant and Fish choices - Bell Siphons
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch at Yahala Bakery provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
Training continues after lunch.
5:00 Busses return to the Hotel.
8:15 Busses leave for Aquaponics Farm # 2
Sahib and Cosmo – Morning and Afternoon sessions include hands-on and class
Aquavermiponics – NFT – Wicking beds – Zero Lot Aquaponics – Nano System – Koi – Talipia – Blue Gill – Vertical Shallow Water Culture SWC – Hybrid Urban Aquaponics Systems – Vertigro – Sandwich towers – Raft DWC – Media Beds – Water Chemistry – Greenhouses - Open Aquaponics - media and online resources and education – Fish food – Fish Rearing – Community – Plant and Fish choices
12:00 – 1:00 Catered Lunch provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
5:00 Busses return
Day 4. 7:30 – 8 Intro by Mike Cosmo
8-9:30 Murray Hallam – Chop – Tote & low cost Aquaponics – Backup
9:45- 10:00 Break provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
10:00 – 11:45 Field reviews and Q&A from field with Murray, Sahib , TCLynx and Cosmo
11:45-1 Lunch and meet and greet provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
1 – 3 Hands on breakouts by Presenters – Components – Technology
2:30 – 3:00 Break with Student intros provided by Practical Aquaponics Training
3 – 4 Making money – Profits and Marketing - Upick – local Markets, – Restaurants,
CSAs and other income opportunities.
4:15 – 5 Q & A by all presenters
5:00 – Closing ceremonies. Certificates, photos and signing session.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary of course content. Hand out notes and other material will be made available during the course.??We reserve the right to change, add to the material as the need arises without notice.
Earlibird rate of $995.00 per person until August 15 .?Late bookings (if there is still room) after August 15 will be 1095.00 per person. (no special price for spouse or partner at that late time.)??Please note that if you wish to bring your spose or business partner they will attract the special price of 920.00 to attend the event. One partner only.

We haven't added Jesse and Molly to it yet.
1. Water Quality and Testing in Aquaponics (Jesse Hull & Molly Stanek): Dissolved Oxygen – Temperature – pH, Alkalinity, & Hardness – Nitrogen Cycle & Nitrifying Factors – Other Nutrients - Turbidity – Filtration.
2. Artificial Lighting & Heat Transfer Applications in Aquaponics (Jesse Hull): Primary & Supplementary Lighting – Lower Heating & Cooling Costs by ‘Waste to Resource’ Methods.
3. Integrated Pest Management in Aquaponics (Molly Stanek): Introduction to Integrated Pest Management – Prevention – Identification – Management – Commonly Encountered Insects – Beneficial Predator Insects – Other Treatment Strategies.
The Double Tree Hilton at Disneyworld Orlando Florida.

This beautiful world class Hotel is just right for our Training Conference.

Conveniently located near both our Training Farms and right in Disney World makes it both convenient and an exciting destination.

Shuttles from Orlando International Airport run regularly to and from the Hotel.

Special room rates for the workshop attendees from 99.00 per night. The two room suites can accommodate up to 6 persons in your party.

Special Disney World rates are also available for those who may wish to incorporate some time at Disney World either before or after the training event..
Special booking link will be published on this page very soon in order to make your reservation for accommodation..

Book your accommodation HERE.

Posted By Murray Hallam on 2nd September 2012

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Aloha, we are a young group of 9th graders from Mid-Pacific Institute which is located in Honolulu Hawaii. We are making an Aquaponics kit and we would like your support on our endeavors to be successful entrepreneurs. Our goal for this kit is to be able to educate people about sustainability, so instead of a big high scale model, it is just a small table that you place on top of your aquarium. Then watch the system run! Through collaboration we decided that an Aquaponics kit would be the most beneficial way to help raise awareness about the issue of sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to put our idea on Kickstarter and get funded! Thank you for taking time to read this and please get back to us.

Posted By Bryson on Friday 5th April 2013 @ 18:56:48


Hi Bryson,
How do you think I can help?

Posted By Murray on Friday 5th April 2013 @ 18:56:48


Aquaponics is not a viable use of time & resourses for everyone . It certainly was not in my case.
Good luck

Posted By Brian O on Monday 3rd September 2012 @ 13:41:14


Hi Brian, Sorry you have had that experience. It is a great pity we could not get together to see how we could help to identify your difficulties and then offer some helpful advices on how to make it work better for you.

Posted By Murray on Monday 3rd September 2012 @ 13:41:14


Learn - Lighting and Pest Control at Orlando - Practical Aquaponics

Jesse and Molly We are excited to announce that we have added Jesse Hull and Molly Stanek to the t . . .

Posted By Murray Hallam on 2nd September 2012

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Will It Grow & Who Will Buy The Produce

Guest Post by SAHIB. Sahib is one of our Instructors for our upcoming Orlando 4 day Practical Aquap . . .

Posted By Murray Hallam on 9th August 2012

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The Seed Movement Is Really On!

Listen to the Podcast. Murray Hallam Well , good morning I am talking with Penn Parmenter of West . . .

Posted By Murray Hallam on 22nd March 2012

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